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Wish to make the most of your OTF Knife: Here are 4 ways to maintain the knife for better efficiency

There are tons of ways to make the most of your knives but only when you know that you have the art of cutting. Getting the most out of your personal collection of knives is one of the first few steps in becoming a professional. Just as a chef or an artist you can be a craftsperson and gather a few tools which are required for painting, sculpting or even drawing. 

You are required to select a few knives and that shall allow you to do your work in the safest way possible. You gotta be thinking as your otf knife as an extension of your hand. The more you use it, the more trust you will gain.

  • Handle knives with respect

As much as sharp as they seem, they are an equally delicate piece of metal. You can damage and so they need to be handled very carefully. Meanwhile, all the good quality knives are made to last a lifetime but no matter what they will always be prone to certain damages.

  • Keep the OTF knives sharp

For sure since you will be using an OTF knife so much. Expect that it will suffer from a lot of wear and tear. To help not let that happen you need to understand that the knife has been kept in mint condition. The best way to do it by cleaning the knives clean thoroughly right after using them. You can use a stone, a sharpening knife or even a professional cutlery sharpener or pocket knife sharpener. also you would love to read about the latest Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set review.

  • Keep knives clean

This is one aspect which is neglected always. You should always clean the knives once they are used. You can implement a variety of different ways to ensure that they are clean post usage. The point here is to ensure that you don’t cross-contaminate your food. Also, ensure never to clean the knives with a dishwasher.

  • Use a safe handling procedure for knives

Since it shall be like your best friend. You need to be ethical with a knife and ensure that proper care is given to them. As an example when you are passing various kinds of knives like OTF knife or whittling knife. Just lay it down once the work surface so that the handle used to hold it can be extended towards the person who will pick it up. Whenever you must carry a knife from point a to point b then you need to always hold your knife facing down as there are chances that you may even playfully cause harm to someone next to you.


A knife is a very important tool. Always make sure to take proper care as the better you care, the longer it shall serve you.

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